R&D Tax Credits

Since 2009 both Congress and the Tax Courts have taken measures to make Research and Development tax credits available to a broader range of businesses. As a result, many companies that previously thought they might not qualify, have tapped into this incentive on the federal and state level. However, the complexities of this law can make it difficult to capture and sufficiently document R&D expenses. Alternate Tax Solutions is your gateway to this credit. We have worked with companies from a diverse range of industries to help them receive treasury refunds or offset tax liabilities. As a result, these companies are able to invest more money into their businesses for further innovation and growth, thus creating a true economic stimulus.

Alternate Tax Solutions leverages the expertise of its CPAs, subject matter experts, and tax professionals to develop comprehensive research and development studies and prepare the necessary tax forms. These studies are designed to capture as many R&D expenses as possible and ensure that claims adhere to all of the standards laid out by the IRS. Our team will work closely with CPAs and their clients to extract the information necessary to prepare the study in a painless process. Contact us today to obtain a no-cost, no-obligation analysis to see how your company can benefit from this popular incentive.

Cost Segregation

Formerly known as component depreciation, a cost segregation study is a great way to access money hidden within your buildings’ walls. Our engineers will utilize IRS-approved processes to reclassify assets that usually get lumped into “real property” as personal property. This allows for accelerated depreciation of book assets and greater tax savings in the short term. In other words, you’ll be able to use depreciation to offset tax liability on assets within five, seven, or fifteen years rather than in 39 years. This can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax savings all from reclassifying assets!

What may sound like a simple strategy in fact requires detailed analysis and preparation. Our construction and tax professionals will analyze your building’s details and utilize the complex IRS guidelines to ensure that every asset is allocated to the shortest possible depreciation life. Our team has participated in thousands of Cost Segregation studies throughout the United States. We will work with each building owner to perform the required tax research, conduct the study itself and prepare form 3115. All of our findings are detailed by line item in a comprehensive report delivered to you.

Tangible Property Regulations

In 2014 the IRS began finalizing new regulations regarding what types of tangible property can be expensed and what must be capitalized and depreciated over time. These regulations have reclassified the way in which repairs and improvements to book assets must be treated on your financial statements. The new rules also redefine the treatment of supplies and materials. ATS has studied these new regulations closely and will work with CPAs to provide guidance on how taxpayers can use them to their advantage.

Contact us today to learn more about revenue opportunities through R & D credits, cost segregation, and tangible property.