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Why Choose ATS?

ATS was formed to help clients maximize their tax savings and minimize the fees they pay to obtain these benefits. Our engagements create significant tax benefits for the clients of the CPAs we work with. ATS’s processes are catered to deal with the unique details contained within each company so an accurate study can be generated to support any tax claims. We utilize subject-matter experts to make sense of complicated technical details to ensure that all tax positions meet IRS-approved standards. This approach has allowed us to obtain maximum tax savings while minimizing risk and cost for our clients.

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Our Mission.

  • Simplify complicated yet popular tax strategies
  • Maintain superior subject matter expertise and service
  • Provide value-added consulting services to CPAs, advisors, and their clients
  • Develop solutions for every stage of a businesses life cycle

What Our Clients Say.


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We have worked with ATS for a number of years. The tax savings we have obtained through both R&D Tax Credits and Cost Segregation have helped us hire more engineers and invest in larger facilities.

Lily Sarikas, CEO
Conveyor & Automation Technologies


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My firm has used ATS to provide R&D Tax Credit and Cost Segregation services to many of our clients. Their services have had a major positive impact on the cash flow of our clients. As a CPA, my goal is to help clients access a much cash as possible from their business operations. ATS has helped us achieve that goal time and again. Doing an R&D Credit or Cost Seg study with them is a no-brainer!

Ralph Greico, CPA
Ronald J. Amirault CPAs

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