Strategic Valuation Solutions

ATS can provide business owners at any stage of their life cycle with the current strategic value of their business along with a roadmap to increase the value of their business. For a free consultation, please click below.

Who needs a Strategic Valuation?

A Strategic Valuation can be needed throughout the business life cycle. It can be used for the following situations: 

  • Purchasing the Business 
  • Understanding the Value Opportunity of the Business 
  • Selling the Busienss 
  • Surviving a Due Diligence Process 
  • Transitioning Controls of the Business

Often times business owners come to us looking for a traditional Fair market Valuation but are really trying to understand what the value of their business is for strategic purposes such as the reasons listed above. In these cases it is best understand the value of your business and get a report telling you what strategies you can implement to increase the value of your business. However, if you are looking for just a fair market valuation following IRS ruling 59-60 we can provide that services as well. Please visit our Fair Market Valuation page to understand our fair market valuation services.  

What you get with our Stategic Valuation?

  1. A 50 to 80+ page report outlining the Intrinsic Value of your Business 
  2. A 10+ page report with a complete breakdown of your industry Discussing the following 
    1. Industry Drivers 
    2. Competitior Analysis 
    3. Industry Challenges 
    4. Industry Opportunities 
    5. Industry Forecast 
    6. Industry Ratio Analyis 
  3. A roadmap to raise the value of your business with numeric predictions of future value once by following the roadmap we make for you.

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Strategic Valuation