Our Mission

Since Alternate Tax Solution’s inception, our team of experienced CPAs, attorneys, subject matter experts, and tax professionals have engaged in a perpetual process of understanding changes in tax law and determining how to apply them to the clients of the CPAs we serve.  Our goal is to provide value-added consulting services for CPAs and their clients through the application of popular, yet complicated, tax strategies.

The ATS team has performed hundreds of Research and Development Tax Credit Studies, Fixed Asset Analyses, and Cost Segregation Analyses while working with a number of CPAs and tax professionals on behalf of their clients. Our engagements have created significant tax benefits for the clients of the CPAs we work with.  ATS’s processes are catered to deal with the unique details contained within each company so an accurate study can be generated to support any tax claims.  We utilize subject matter experts to make sense of complicated technical details to ensure that all tax positions meet IRS-approved standards.  This approach has allowed us to obtain maximum tax savings while minimizing risk for our clients.

Our mission is to help your business maximize revenue through applied tax strategy. Contact us today to learn more.